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Tech Outsourcing

Full IT

VARtek staffs your entire technology department and manages all daily operations and long-term IT strategy. Ideal when you need to improve outcomes and accountability or you need to lower IT expenses.

IT Staffing

IT Staffing / Staff Augmentation

VARtek fills gaps on your existing IT team with trained IT talent who work under the direction of school-employed IT managers.

Techonology Audit

IT Audit

VARtek’s IT Audit is an objective third-party assessment of your school’s existing IT strategies and capabilities. Our audit gives schools valuable insights and data that can reshape their technology investment and improve their IT operations.

Full IT Outsourcing

A comprehensive solution for your school's technology needs

With VARtek’s full IT outsource solution, for a fixed monthly fee your school receives the following:

  • IT leadership to plan and execute your IT vision
  • A full team of on-site technicians to implement the latest technology and provide a guaranteed level of technical support
  • Professional development for teachers as they integrate new tools into their classrooms


  • Full on-site technical team
  • Senior-level strategic leadership
  • Senior engineering resources
  • Project management skills
  • Classroom technology coaches


  • Online issue management software
  • Cloud backups and disaster recovery
  • Remote monitoring and network management


  • Contractual obligation for response times, service levels, and other outcomes
  • Opportunity to transition existing staff to VARtek’s team
  • Annual asset refresh planning
  • IT budgeting
  • Performance reporting (weekly, monthly, quarterly)

IT staffing / Staff Augmentation

The IT staffing you need when you need it

With VARtek’s staff augmentation services, your school can plug one or more individuals into your IT staff to fill specific, short- and long-term gaps in capacity or skill. The fee is related primarily to each technician’s skill level and the number of hours worked. As with our full outsource solution, staff augmentation can shave benefits costs while increasing your access to trained, IT talent.


  • Desktop technicians
  • System administrators/engineers
  • Network administrators/engineers
  • Technology directors/coordinators
  • Project managers
  • Classroom technology coaches
  • G Suite for Education certified technicians

IT Audit Services

An objective third-party assesment of your school's IT operations

Get an objective outside picture of your school’s IT operations with VARtek’s comprehensive IT audit. Our process delivers an IT Audit Findings Report that provides a comprehensive list of the strengths and opportunities for improvement in each of the assessment areas. This helps the school identify the roots of any systemic challenges. The report also includes targeted recommendations for improving those areas of the technology environment that have the strongest impact on student achievement and your school’s bottom line.

IT Audit Components

  • Education technology vision and strategy assessment
  • IT Financial assessment
  • IT Operations assessment
  • Infrastructure and assets assessment
  • Technology integration assessment
  • Strengths and opportunities report
  • Recommendations and next steps

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